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Release notes v3.0.0 NuGet v3.0.0 API Diff v3.0.0 / v2.8.0

Migration guide

  • Replace usages of MapperIgnoreAttribute with MapperIgnoreTargetAttribute (details)
  • If your mapper is nested in a class, or the mapped objects include internal members: Add MapperIgnoreSource/MapperIgnoreTarget for newly included private/internal but unneeded members (details)

MapperIgnoreAttribute was removed

The MapperIgnoreAttribute is removed. Any usages can be replaced with MapperIgnoreTargetAttribute.

All accessible members are mapped by default

Mapperly versions < 3.0 considered all members which are either internal in the same assembly as the mapper or public. Since v3.0 Mapperly considers all members which are accessible by the mapper. This can include private members (e.g. if the mapper is a nested class and maps the outer class which has private members) and internal members (e.g. if the mapper maps a class of another assembly which has InternalsVisibleTo set for the assembly of the mapper). If members are now included which you do not want to be mapped, ignore them by using MapperIgnoreSource/MapperIgnoreTarget.

Sealed attributes

All attributes in Riok.Mapperly.Abstractions are now sealed.