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Frequently asked questions and answers

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and common problems about Mapperly.

Mapperly does not work when I use source generator X.

Chaining source generators is not supported by Roslyn.

I updated the Mapperly version, but the generated code still looks the same.

Restart the IDE to make it load the new version of Mapperly. This is a bug of the IDE.

Everything is configured correctly and dotnet build works, but the IDE shows the error "[Mapper method] must have an implementation part because it has accessibility modifiers"

Make sure your project meets the requirements. Try rebuilding the solution or restarting the IDE. This is a bug in the IDE.

My advanced use case isn't supported by Mapperly or needs lots of configuration. What should I do?

Write the mapping for that class manually. You can mix automatically generated mappings and user implemented mappings without problems.

My code throws FileNotFoundException with Riok.Mapperly.Abstractions. What should I do?

Are you using reference handling or have you enabled the preservation of Mapperly attributes at runtime? Make sure ExcludeAssets on the PackageReference does not include runtime as these features require runtime assets.